Another fascinating show you can enjoy in the region is the vigorous rutting of mountain goats. From November to January, the oldest and strongest males defend their harems of females from other competitors with head butts. Just like other cervids and bovids, the males with the most developed horns usually mate the most which ensures the spread of their valuable genes.

These bovids are perfectly adapted to high mountain life where the threes can no longer grow due to the intense cold and poverty of the thin or inexistent soil. Miraculously, they know how to get all the nutrients they need from the grass roots and rough broom, heather and brambles. This poor diet is supplemented with the salt spread on the roads to prevent the formation of ice. Drive with caution to avoid running over animals that can pop up at any time in one of the curves to lick the salt or cross the road.

The area around Peña de Francia is the best place to find these groups of unsuspecting animals. Don’t get too close as you don’t want to bother them during such a crucial time in their lives.

To make it easier to watch these and many other mammals, contact Aula del Alagón si de un for a guided route suggestion as we’re happy to help you discover our region’s mammals.

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