Starting point: there’s no better place to begin this route than the gate of the magnificent 15th century Dávila castle.

Characteristics of this route: the route runs upstream on the left bank of the River Tormes. From the castle, there’s a street that will take you down to the medieval bridge, another gem that requires greater attention and care. From this cleared area, you can get a privileged view of the village, the surrounding woodlands and mountains as well as the embedded section of the Tormes which they call the Gorgocil here. Without crossing the bridge, go back up the left bank to follow the riverside forest, cross below the new bridge and you’ll reach the swimming area. This simple and pleasant walk allows you to detect most riverside species along this stretch of the river. If you continue down south, the same path will take you further along the riverside forest to get extensive views of the valley and nearby mountains. You can continue on this path for several kilometres without worrying about getting lost, heading back whenever you wish.

Most outstanding species: the most prominent birds are the river species and raptors that cross these skies. The first include kingfishers, golden orioles, bee-eaters, white wagtails, nightingales, woodpeckers, etc. Worth noting among the second group are the usual red and black kites, booted eagles, sparrow hawks, griffon and black vultures and, if you get lucky, the golden eagle.

Birdwatching recommendations: spring is the best time to walk along the riverbank and sit down and enjoy the views of the castle, the medieval bridge, the entire small village, riverside and spacious skies anticipating the southern mountains.

If you’d like to discover these and other routes, contact Aula del Alagón and we’ll help you find all the birds and landscapes in our region.

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